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Spirited Coffee


Your daily bevvy for a premium buzz, our award-winning Original flavor spiked Alc-a-Chino is where spirited coffee began. We blended 100% Arabica Coffee, cream, and cane sugar then we spiked it.


One flavor just wasn’t enough so we took our Original recipe and added imported Dutch Cocoa for a decadent Spiked Mocha Latte. Premium flavor for a premium buzz.

vanilla bean bourbon

COMING SOON: The boozy latte of your dreams. 100% Arabica Coffee, whole milk, and pure Madagascar vanilla extract spiked  with Kentucky Bourbon. Our original premium buzz, elevated.

*In PA / VA, we use a premium charcoal filtered malt base imported from Holland to deliver on our premium standards while meeting state regulations.

The espresso martini that’s in demand, on demand.

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Has someone ever told you that coffee should never be mixed with alcohol? Because that someone was wrong. 

And we knew it. 

We are just a couple of guys that loved coffee and loved booze, so we thought, “why choose?” 

Set out to redefine the coffee ritual by delivering a premium buzz with ease and max satisfaction, which meant it had to be perfect right from the can. We started with two flavors, Original and Mocha, and top quality ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee, 6x distilled American Vodka, whole milk and cream from American dairy cows, and Dutch cocoa. We later added Madagascar vanilla and Kentucky Bourbon for a dreamy Vanilla Bean Bourbon Latte. 

Spirited coffee for spirited people, the goal was simple but the liquid in the can is anything but. It’s unforgettably flavorful and undeniably bold at 13.5% alcohol. It’s the espresso martini you know and love, ready to be enjoyed straight from the can.  

The evolution of your coffee game has only just begun. 

Best straight from the can,
or you can mix it up!


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