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We answered your FAQ’s about our premium spiked coffees.

What does Alc-a-Chino mean?

Think of it this way, millions of Americans enjoy cappuccinos each day. Our product delivers on similar attributes of that beloved drink, except we added the “Alc” in front of the name to immediately highlight what’s in store for you with your new favorite Spiked coffee cocktail.

What ingredients are in Alc-a-Chino?

100% Arabica coffee, 6x distilled American Vodka, cane sugar, whole cow’s milk/cream sourced from American Cows. Our Mocha flavor also includes Imported Dutch cocoa from Holland.

How Much caffeine is in Alc-a-Chino?

A 12 ounce can of the Original Alc-a-Chino has 40mg of naturally occurring caffeine, comparable to a half cup of coffee.The Mocha flavor contains 29mg of naturally occurring caffeine per 12 ounce can.

Is Alc-a-Chino Gluten Free?

Yes, our spirit-based Alc-a-Chino, made with 6x distilled American Vodka, is gluten-free. Our Malt-based version, created for certain distribution areas, is not gluten-free.

How Much Alcohol is in Alc-a-Chino?

13.5% ABV

Does Alc-a-Chino contain Dairy?

Yes. And we source all our dairy ingredients in the United States.

What type of alcohol is in Alc-a-Chino?

We are committed to serving the best spiked coffee cocktail and while the alcohol depends on your location, in most major markets our Original and Mocha flavors are made with 6X Distilled American Vodka. However, in select states where we are unable to distribute our spirit-based coffee, we use a premium charcoal filtered malt base imported from Holland to deliver on our premium standards while meeting state regulations.

What is the Shelf Life of Alc-a-Chino?

Alc-a-Chino is great for 12 months after the born-on date listed on the bottom of the can.

What is the best way to enjoy Alc-a-Chino?

Ice cold straight from the can, shaken with ice and served up as the frothy espresso martini of your dreams, or simply poured over a glass of ice for an easy-drinking cocktail. Check out our Recipes page for more spiked coffee inspiration.

Why is Alc-a-Chino not in my market?

If we are not yet in your market, send us a message! We are hard at work expanding our buzz-worthy network across the United States. Please check back often as we continue to grow!

How Can I find Alc-a-Chino?

Please use our “Find the Buzz” locator for the nearest store that carries Alc-a-Chino.

Can I buy Alc-a-Chino on-line?

Absolutely! We have partnered with Get Stocked. Click to order and ship. The espresso martini that’s in-demand, is now available ON-demand!

Have a question that you do not see on our FAQ’s list? Contact us and we will try to answer it for you.

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